taper off

taper off
1. end weakly (Freq. 1)

The music just petered out—there was no proper ending

Syn: ↑peter out, ↑fizzle out, ↑fizzle
Hypernyms: ↑discontinue
Verb Frames:

Something ——s

2. become smaller or less active

Business tapered off

Hypernyms: ↑narrow, ↑contract
Verb Frames:

Something ——s

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intransitive verb
1. : to become taper : taper
2. : to stop gradually : cease little by little

the organization tapered off in about a year — G.B.Oxnam

: to make or cause to taper : decrease gradually

if not retire, at least taper off the amount of time given to work — Lynn White

use in tapering off morphine and opium addicts — D.W.Maurer & V.H.Vogel

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taper off [phrasal verb]
: to become gradually less and less : to decrease slowly

Production has been tapering off.

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ˌtaper ˈoff derived
to become gradually less in number, amount, degree, etc

The number of applicants for teaching posts has tapered off.

Main entry:taperderived

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